Wanna One becomes the most searched keyword, celebrating their 1st anniversary in Sangam

Fans are showing how much they love their idols by trending “I love you, Wanna One” on Wanna One’s 1st anniversary.

The phrase “I love you, Wanna One” gets the 1st place on top of the most searched terms on various portal sites. At the same time, Wanna One’s members are organizing an event called “Thanks Café” to thank their fans. 

According to the music industry, in the afternoon of August 7th, Wanna One will have a meeting with their fans at a café in Sangam. They are now preparing an event called “Thanks Café” for fans. It is officially said that the café has already been filled with hundreds of fans. 

It is an event prepared to express their gratitude for supporting them to fans. Wanna One will celebrate their first anniversary on the same day and fans unanimously put the keyword “I love you, Wanna One” on top search of many portal sites. This clearly shows us how powerful a fandom can be. 

On the same day, Wanna One also posted on their official SNS saying,”It has been a special and happy year since we got together with Wannable. We will keep working hard with our unchanging hearts, thank you and love you, Wannable.” 

Warner One made their debut through Mnet’s Produce 101 season 2, which was broadcast last year. Since then, their album has been on a winning streak, resulting in the popularity syndrome. Currently, their world tour “ONE: THE WORLD” is underway.

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