V’s funny “likes and dislikes” expressions

When he was drinking coconut..
LOLLLL he dislikes it
But this
He totally likes this LOLL
Dislikes LMAO
This though, he absolutely loves it
The taste worth crying for
About coffee LOLL
Such lively expression hahaha he dislikes it
Looking at it again, he totally dislikes it LMAO
V just can’t drink coffee
Totally dislikes
But he totally likes eating wrapped meat!!!!!!

He always shows his ‘likes and dislikes’ expressions, it’s just so cute LOL

Sources: Pann

  1. [328, -8] He likes it when it’s delicious!
  2. [317, -10] This kid is seriously cute, there are so many threads about him in this fan section
  3. [298, -4] Goddd he’s just too cute HAHAHAHA
  4. [149, -2] His cute mouth when he’s eating TT_TTTTT Omnomnomm TT_TT
  5. [132, -1] V is just too good-natured TT_TT

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