Bi Rain rumored to be sued for scamming a $6.3 million mansion + His response “Will take legal action”

Amid rumors that Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) was sued for defrauding 8.5 billion won (approximately $6.3 million) in real estate sales, the singer made an official statement

Regarding the fact that Rain sold his Itaewon mansion for 8.5 billion won on May 20, 2022, a content creator claimed on his channel on September 25, “The sale was a scam, and the buyer has filed a complaint with Yongsan Police Station on charges of fraud under the Specific Economic Crimes Weighted Punishment Act.”

He said, “Rain and the informant signed a contract to buy and sell each other’s buildings,” and added, “The informant signed a contract to buy Rain’s mansion for 8.5 billion won and Rain to buy his building for 23.5 billion won.”

bi rain

“Rain said he could not let the informant visit his mansion. The reason was that Kim Tae-hee was at home and it could be an invasion of privacy. The buyer asked Rain to send him photos, but he didn’t. When the informant expressed his intention to break the contract, Rain sent photos of the mansion. The informant saw the photos and decided to continue the contract because he liked the house.”

The creator added, “Rain did not show him the house until the end, but he trusted Rain and proceeded with the sales contract, and they completed the contract by trading each other’s buildings. The contract was finalized on May 20, 2022, and the buyer was stunned when he first visited Rain’s mansion on July 1. Because it was a different house from the photos sent by Rain. The photos Rain sent to him were of a mansion in California. In addition, the house is in a state of chaos due to the lack of maintenance.”

In response, Rain’s agency issued an official position on the same day, saying, “The buyer’s claim is completely false. It is said that the complaint has not yet been received.”

bi rain

The agency said, “It is absurd that a buyer bought a house worth billions of won just by looking at pictures. It can be confirmed that the buyer’s claim is not correct just by looking at the building register provided or confirmed when buying and selling a real estate. In addition, you can see the exterior just by searching the address on the Internet.”

“There is a lot of evidence that the buyer’s claim is not true, but if the buyer files a complaint for false facts, we will submit it as evidence in accordance with the legal process, and the buyer’s belated action can only be seen as a malicious action,” the company claimed. “The facts are very clear, and the buyer’s claim is completely out of common sense and reality. We will respond strongly to such actions as an entertainer, and false incitement will also set a precedent to prevent such cases from happening again.”

Source: daum

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