Uhm Jung Hwa talks about co-star Kim Byung Chul, “I found him handsome during the filming of ‘Doctor Cha’”

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa praised the appearance of actor Kim Byung Chul, who starred in “Doctor Cha” with her.

The June 27th broadcast of JTBC’s “Dangpo” featured the main cast of “Doctor Cha”, including Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul, Myung Se Bin, and Min Woo Hyuk, as guests. This is the first time the four actors made their appearance on a TV entertainment program together.

doctor cha

That day, Uhm Jung Hwa mentioned Kim Byung Chul’s personality in real life, saying “He is very quiet and sometimes playful”.

When asked about how they often address each other, Kim Byung Chul said, “I call her ‘noona’. Since we played a long-married couple, I used informal language from the beginning to get closer to her”.

Hearing that, Uhm Jung Hwa teased him, “Now that that drama is over, don’t use informal language with me”. In response, Kim Byung Chul jokingly said, “I felt so burdened talking informally to you. What a relief.”

doctor cha

In the meantime, Kim Byung Chul also drew attention as he shared, “During the drama broadcast, I saw many comments that I look handsome”.

Revealing that she felt the same when acting alongside Kim Byung Chul, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “When I saw actor Byung Chul before, I didn’t pay much attention to his appearance. However, I realized that he looked handsome during the drama filming.”

Source: Nate

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