Lee Seung-gi mentioned his expected retirement age on “All The Butlers”

With the appearance of Master Park Jong-bok on “All The Butlers”, Lee Seung-gi drew attention with his expected retirement age 

On SBS entertainment show “All The Butlers,” which aired on the 24th, when the production team said, “There is a master who will tell you how to become a building owner with 100 million won,” Yang Se-hyung replied, “It doesn’t make sense, 100% a scammer,” drawing laughter from the audience.  

Lee Seung-gi

In earnest, they met Master Park Jong-bu, who is called “the real estate industry’s hand of god”. In particular, Master Park attracted everyone’s attention by saying, “100 million won can be sufficient enough to own a building. 100 million won might be more than enough even, and you can steadily see profits from purchasing buildings in the Seoul metropolitan area.” 

Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-ki then carefully mentioned Master John Lee who praised stock investment, to which Master Park laughed, saying, “That person doesn’t fit me very well. He replied, “Stocks have high risks which I want to avoid, while real estate will rise after a period of time.” 

To conduct the asset management type test, they looked into the members’ consumption patterns. Lee Seung-gi said he wanted to retire at the age of 59, saying, “I run out of energy whenever I think I can do more, so I think it’s better to stop before I get too tired.”  

Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi, who mentioned dignity maintenance expenses in his monthly lifestyle, explained, “Before the pandemic, I’m the one who chooses the restaurant and pay first for everyone. The things I use money on the most are food and alcohol,” adding, “I spend money on meals with acquaintances.”. In response, the Master Park said, “Such serious consumption patterns, please be wary of night consumption,” and even shocked people by calling it the, “A YOLO consumption patterns”. 

For example, Master Park said, “Some people started with 100 million won and increased their assets more than 90 times after buying a building,” screaming out his slogan, “Work hard like ants and frugally like honeybees.”


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