“Our Blues” production team: “Please support and keep an eye on Shin Min-ah, who is trying to be happy”

“Our Blues” asked viewers to cheer for Shin Min-ah, who is trying to be happy, and keep an eye on her.

On May 8th, tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” (written by Noh Hee-kyung/directed by Kim Kyu-tae, Kim Yang-hee, Lee Jung-mook) unveiled still cuts of episode 10 when Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) leaves for Seoul for a custody trial.

Our Blues

Shin Min-ah is immersively portraying Min Seon-ah, who is tired of depression and living a difficult life in “Our Blues”. Min Seon-ah, who divorced her husband due to long-suffering depression and is on the verge of losing her son, came to Jeju, where she met Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun).

Our Blues

In the last broadcast, the painful past of Min Seon-ah, who left after hurting Lee Dong-seok, was revealed, breaking viewers’ hearts. Min Seon-ah, who witnessed the death of her father who threw himself into the sea when she was young, later lived with depression because of trauma. Even after marriage, Min Seon-ah tried to overcome depression for the sake of her child, but things did not work out as she wanted.


In the meantime, the answer of his son Yeol (Kim Ha-eon), who recognizes his mother as a “sick being”, made Min Seon-ah fall into deep sorrow. Although she knows that her child’s answer will be applied unfavorably in the custody trial, Min Seon-ah made people sad by only thinking about getting her child back. Lee Dong-seok showed concern for Min Seon-ah, “If you win the trial and take your child back, you’ll be happy, but if you lose, you’ll be unhappy again?”


In this regard, according to still cuts released by the production team of “Our Blues”, Min Seon-ah is visiting her son Yeol’s kindergarten and having a good time at the aquarium ahead of the trial. Min Seon-ah’s sweet eyes and smile towards her son make viewers guess how precious the child is. Min Seon-ah, who is devoted only to Yeol, looks happy yet nervous, causing pity.


The production team of “Our Blues” said, “Please watch how the trial’s result will affect Min Seon-ah, who says she can’t live without her son, and how Min Seon-ah, who has been living a lonely life, will find a way to live.”


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