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Kim Jong-kook is shocked by the fancy birthday meal, Song Jihyo prepared seaweed soup for him?

The “Running Man” team prepared a surprise party to celebrate Kim Jong-kook’s birthday.

In the opening of the latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on May 8th, the members prepared a birthday party for Kim Jong-kook.

On this day, the members welcomed Kim Jong-kook by singing a happy birthday song. Kim Jong-kook made everyone laugh, saying, “Don’t people usually do surprising things after the filming ends?”

running man

In addition, Song Ji-hyo appeared as Ha-ha commented, “Birthday gifts are coming in,” stimulating the “Running Man” love line and making people laugh. Kim Jong-kook, who did not welcome the birthday party, said, “Shouldn’t the party be fun for the birthday person? That’s the most important thing,” and Ji Seok-jin attacked him, saying, “But you’ve been smiling since a while ago.”

running man

He also enjoyed the warm birthday meal prepared by the production team. Ha-ha ate the seaweed soup and said, “Ji-hyo, this is awesome. You’re really good at cooking,” to which Song Ji-hyo responded by saying, “How do you know it’s mine?” drawing laughter.

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Source: Daum

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