Absent for a long time, BLACKPINK is more models than Kpop idols

Having attended numerous fashion events, BLACKPINK is being said to be a model group instead of idols.

BLACKPINK is probably one of the most successful Kpop idols in the fashion realms. All four of the members are global ambassadors and muses of luxury brands like Dior, Saint Lauren, Celine, Chanel, Bvlgari, and more, so they are always attending fashion shows and adorning newest fashion collections. However, the fact that BLACKPINK is doing more fashion than idol activities is being regarded as controversial. 

BLACKPINK attended more fashion events than stages in the last 1 year and 6 months. 

Recently, Lisa appeared on the TVC for Celine’s new collection. Here, the idol has been praised for her outstanding catwalk ability that can rival true models. Even in close angles, the youngest member of BLACKPINK still exuded chic vibes and managed to highlight her outfits. Many audiences even nicknamed her “model Lisa” after watching this TVC. 

Lisa rocked the runway like a true professional model. 
The idol walked with full confidence and totally boasted the spirit of Cline.
Her outstanding vibes were being praised to the clouds.

Outside of these fashion events, Lisa also found time to attend concerts of other Kpop groups like WINNER, iKON, and Stray Kids. She even hung out with (G)-IDLE’s Minnie

Lisa, along with (G)-IDLE’s Minnie and Yuqi, were caught attending a Stray Kids concert. 
Lisa waving to fans after a WINNER concert. 
Lisa and Minnie got Thai food together. 

Meanwhile, the oldest member Jisoo just attended the fashion show Dior Fall 2022. Dressed in a black lace dress with a mini size Lady Dior bag, the BLACKPINK member just oozed elegance and visuals. Jisoo was also said to be the reason Dior brought its fashion show back to Korea after 15 years, and she later teased about going to Paris for another fashion event. 

According to Western media, Jisoo was the reason Dior fashion show came back to South Korea after 15 years. 
The female idol was seated next to the CEO of Dior.
Jisoo also made a powerful appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2022. 

As the “Human Chanel”, Jennie never missed out on attending events of this luxury brand. In March, the idol made a surprise appearance at Jacquemus fashion show in Hawaii, USA, while wearing a shocking underboob top. Her outfit there quickly became all the rage, and even sold out completely. 

Jennie attended the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week 2022. 
With her many iconic appearances, the idol has become a familiar face at Paris Fashion Week.
She went viral after attending a Jacquemus fashion show in Hawaii.

Just like other group members, Rosé, as the Global Ambassador of Saint Lauren, also received exceptional treatment and was invited to various brand events. The newly-occurred 2022 Met Gala reminded many people of Rosé’s appearance last year, and the idol was also spotted at various shows of jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. 

Rosé at a party of Saint Lauren. 
Rosé was invited to the world’s biggest fashion event Met Gala 2021. 
The idol was also seen at Tiffany & Co’s latest show. 

Despite appearing at all kinds of fashion events both in and outside the country, BLACKPINK has been completely absent from the Kpop scene. Fans of the group even joked that BLACKPINK was the only female idols to “enlist”, seeing that for almost 2 years, they only released solo songs from Rosé and Lisa. BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK) has got so exhausted, they don’t dare to anticipate a comeback after numerous hints. 

BLACKPINK has been absent from the idol scene for far too long.
Fans of the group dream of the day they can see the 4 girls back on stage. 

According to netizens, no matter how successful BLACKPINK are in the fashion field, their roots lie in idol activities. Therefore, they hope that BLACKPINK will once again be active in the Kpop industry. 

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