TWICE’s newly-debuted junior is embroiled in plagiarism controversy, Lisa is also mentioned out of nowhere

After debuting for a few days, NMIXX have met with bad luck.

Besides the MV’s concept, JYP’s new girl group, NMIXX, is also accused by the FRISKMEGOOD brand of stealing their idea of ​​making corsets from shoes. Recently, the original designer has released images that show many similarities between NMIXX’s outfits and the designs of FRISKMEGOOD

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This designer seemed quite angry, posting a photo with the caption, “Still crazy I been doing this for 3 years and these people got 13,000 likes off my design and I can barely get that”. 

After that, NMIXX’s stylist quickly edited his Instagram post and shared that @friskmegood was the inspiration behind the series of outfits he designed for the group in the MV. To avoid receiving mixed opinions, this stylist even blocked the comment section. 

NMIXX plagiarism controversy
Edited caption on NMIXX’s stylist’s post

Furthermore, a series of other NMIXX items were also accused of having many similarities with the designs of the Haute Couture collection from Viktor & Rolf launched in 2019. 

NMIXX plagiarism controversy
NMIXX in 2022

Not only NMIXX, Lisa (BLACKPINK) was also dragged into this plagiarism drama as she also wore a shirt created from sneakers when promoting The Album at the end of 2020. The design Lisa wore was similar to a Sevali design. Many people question whether she wears a plagiarized design like NMIXX?

The answer is NO! Because Sevali has pursued the designing style of cutting and pairing sneakers from 2017 to present. As such, the company does not take inspiration or plagiarism from FRISKMEGOOD

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