TWICE sang live 100% on the 1st comeback stage: Knetz react positively, who are the 2 most praised members?

TWICE’s first ‘Alcohol-Free’ performance on ‘Music Bank’ has received a positive response from fans because the 9 members all worked hard to sing live

 One of the most anticipated comebacks of June is here. TWICE released the album ‘Taste of Love’ at 1PM KST on June 12.  However, at 6 pm KST on June 9, the MV and digital release of the title song “Alcohol-Free” was out in advance.  In addition, TWICE also had their first performance at Korean weekly music show with the June 11 broadcast of Music Bank.

 Besides commenting on the quality of the song, many netizens are also very interested in a rather ‘sensitive’ topic, but still can’t help but mention TWICE’s live singing skills.  Accordingly, they expect to see if the JYP girl group has improved or not since the group was previously involved in many controversies over the members’ live singing skills.

Before bringing ‘Alcohol-Free’ to Music Bank, TWICE also had their first stage of this song on the famous American talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.  And surprisingly, this performance received many compliments on TWICE’s vocals and many netizens thought that this song was very suitable for the vocal range of the 9 members. Previously, when analyzing the reason why TWICE sang live poorly, many claimed that it was partly because JYP likes to choose songs that are too high and have extremely tiring choreographies.


 However, even after the girls showcased a good performance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, many netizens still doubted TWICE’s singing skills.  They said it could be a Live AR recording (pre-recorded music and singer’s voice with breathing sounds so that listeners think they’re singing live).  Many think that they still have to wait until TWICE actually sings live while promoting on music shows to know for sure.

 Right from the intro of Nayeon, if you listen carefully to the music and voice of the female idol, you can realize that TWICE was singing live 100%.  Nayeon is also the most praised member for her stable live vocals, good expressions, and eye-catching dance moves.

 The second member who is praised the most is Sana.  It is surprising that the Japanese female idol is not often known for her live singing, but this time she delivered a performance that is considered stable, even better than many Knetz’ expectations.

 On the Pann forum, a Knetz wrote a post praising the efforts of the 9 members: ‘They really sang live well.  As soon as I heard Nayeon’s first part, I knew it was live.  You can see they did a good job. Let’s praise them for that!  TWICE, let’s achieve great success.’

 Here are some comments from Knetz on Pann and Theqoo about TWICE’s 100% live stage (note: On Live MR background – there is backup vocal to support the artist’s vocals when singing live. This is the kind of background music that most live performers use)

 – The members are all amazing!!!  They sang live well!

 – I like this stage, I guess they practiced a lot

 – Sana is pretty and good at singing.

 – Nayeon is the center right?  She dances well and sings well too,

 – Jihyo and Nayeon are good as usual, but Sana really surprises me. Fighting!

 – Seriously… The kids all have a hard time but they still have strong mentalities and their skills have also improved a lot. TWICE is always lovely to watch.

 – I think this song suits their vocal ranges very well. TWICE has a lot of songs with very high pitch..

 – Well, Tzuyu did a good job too.

 – Nayeon did great!!

 – This time they really improved their skills ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ Good job, stable singing!

 One netizen wrote: ‘You can clearly hear their live vocals when watching the individual fancams of each member, so I attached Sana’s fancam as an example.’  How do you rate TWICE’s live singing skills this time with ‘Alcohol-Free’?  Please share your thoughts.

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