Twice proves their top Kpop beauty class when standing next to IZ*ONE Min Joo

Min Joo (IZ*ONE), one of the most outstanding visuals of the new generation, is still overwhelmed by Twice, the group that has been active for the 6th year.

On June 12, Twice promoted the song “Alcohol-Free” on Music Core.  The JYP girls attracted attention during the interview when standing next to the MCs of the music show, including Min Joo (IZ*ONE), Chani (SF9) and Yeji (ITZY).

Min Joo x Twice

The beauty of the members of Twice and Min Joo became a topic of discussion among fans.  Min Joo is known as one of the new generation idols with outstanding beauty.  When hosting the show Music Core, the IZ*ONE member repeatedly overwhelmed the senior girl groups with her youthful and sweet looks.  However, when standing next to Twice, Min Joo became “overshadowed” in front of the 9 girls.  Netizens commented that Twice has been active for the 6th year, but they are still young, lovely, more and more attractive.

At Music Core today, Twice wore colorful tropical-inspired outfits.  Eye-catching outfits, radiant makeup tones and lovely hairstyle have completed the concept of the song “Alcohol-Free”. The JYP girls are praised for their top-notch beauty in this comeback.  Usually, girl groups will have only 1-2 members who stand out in terms of looks.  However, Twice is a rare case when all 9 girls are equally beautiful, no one is inferior.  Thanks to the top visual class, Twice always receive compliments every time they appear.

Min Joo x Twice

Min Joo is often referred to as the “new generation Tzuyu”, but in the same frame as Twice, she seems to be less prominent.

twice x min joo
twice x min joo

Twice was praised for being pretty and young in the summer concept.

Some comments from netizenzs:

“Twice is so pretty. I can’t take my eyes off them”;  

“Min Joo is pretty too, but standing next to Twice I don’t think she stands out”;  

“Twice has been active for 6 years and is still full of energy”;  

“The summer fruit concept was born for Twice”;…

min Joo x twice
Netizens think that the level of Twice’s beauty is when their individual fancam videos all have “excellent” thumbnail images.

Source: iOne

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