TWICE just renewed their contract, but netizens are already discussing the talents of Tzuyu

Tzuyu, the youngest member of TWICE, draws controversial opinions regarding her talents

Recently on July 12th, all members of TWICE were announced to have renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, amid the cheers of ONCEs (fandom of TWICE). The members even shared that they are also close as family, moving fans and the public alike. 

twice tzuyu
All 9 members of TWICE renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment

However, as TWICE continues their glorious career, many netizens began to cast doubt on the talent of each member, most specifically Tzuyu. According to them, Tzuyu never really specialized in any “idol skill”, from rapping, singing, to dancing, and other than her irrefutable visuals, she falls behind compared to other members.

twice tzuyu
Despite having been in the industry for 7 years, there are still controversial opinions regarding Tzuyu’s abilities

Recently, a Korean netizen started a topic about Tzuyu’s talent, where they talked about how Tzuyu is “the weakest TWICE member” regarding skills. The topic, which has drawn a lot of views, described Tzuyu as being “an average dancer with little facial expression”, and called her “stiff”, “lacking”, and “not that outstanding”.

Tzuyu is a well-recognized Kpop visuals, but netizens think she doesn’t show much expression

Under the topic are various controversial opinions from other netizens, with some agreeing with the original poster, while others defending Tzuyu, saying that her visual is a key element that contributes to TWICE’s success. These people said that Tzuyu is a decent idol above all, that she never feels out of place within TWICE, and that the famous girl group just won’t be the same without her.

Belows are some comments from netizens regarding this topic:

  • Tzuyu may not be a top vocalist nor dancer, but she has her own role within TWICE. Also, she’s always a top visual of Kpop’s 3rd generation, and was even voted as the most beautiful woman in the world in 2019. 
  • TWICE is an idol group so stop demanding them to be professional dancers and singers?? Every member is selected for a reason, and the same applies to Tzuyu. She’s not useless at all. 
  • In Kpop, visuals are also a form of talent. Isn’t it obvious that Tzuyu’s beauty contributes a lot to TWICE’s success?
  • Have to admit that I find Tzuyu lacking. Her visuals are fine but I prefer watching Sana and Mina’s fancam 
  • What kind of rock have you been living under? Tzuyu may not be a top-notch singer or dancer, but she’s a vital part of TWICE, and does well within the group. Her visuals are always praised by the media both domestic and foreign so you may as well get your eyes checked
  • I never think of TWICE as an overwhelmingly talented group. Watching them together is fun, but if you pick apart each member, they will not be so outstanding. To me, there are only 3 truly talented members in TWICE. 

Source: K14

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