TWICE Jihyo opens up about approaching 30s, “I’m curious about the life I really want to live” 

TWICE Jihyo treats herself well and opens up about her deep personal concerns on “I Live Alone.” 

The upcoming episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone” aired on August 18 will feature Jihyo as guest. It will show the singer’s daily life as well as concerns about her future. 

After pilates, Jihyo heads to a regular restaurant in the local market. She takes herself out for a delicious meal and enjoys daytime drinking.

As soon as Jihyo returns home after going out, she becomes sober and starts taking care of the housework again. The clip reveals Jihyo lying down on the sofa for solely five minutes before standing up again. The idol says, “Staying still is stressful,” causing shock among the cast members at the studio. 

After cleaning, the “Killin’ Me Good” singer opens the fridge to find a bottle of soju. She says, “I feel so good when I drink my first glass of thin frozen ice,” and enjoys the icy drink without snacks. 


Following moments of her daily life, Jihyo gets deep with Jeongyeon, a peer of the same age and fellow member in TWICE, about reaching her 30s. After 18 years of being with JYP Entertainment, the singer wonders about her future now that she is halfway through her 20s, “I’m curious about the life I really want to live.

The two take a night walk, eat corn on the bench, and have a healing time together, drawing attention to their honest stories. 

Source: daum 

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