Kim Seon Ho’s fandom donated more than 100 million won to children in need

Since Kim Seon Ho’s controversy, his fandom has continuously spread good influence to help improve the actor’s image

The Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides social services for children with cancer, announced on Dec 15th that Kim Seon Ho‘s official fan cafe “Seonhohada” donated KRW 12.2 million to support the treatment of children with childhood cancer.


To celebrate actor Kim Seon Ho’s first fanmeeting “One, Two, Three, Smile” on Dec 10th, Kim’s official fan cafe “Seonhohada” follows his good influence and practices “sharing is caring” by donating for children with childhood cancer. The donation this time will be provided for the treatment of pediatric cancer patients or patients with rare and incurable diseases.

Another Kim Seon Ho’s fan club, “The Giving Tiger,” donated 1.23 million won for the vulnerable in Korea on Dec 5th. The donation by “The Giving Tiger” will be provided to support the activity of making kimchi for the vulnerable living in Korea.

Kim Seon-ho

“The good influence of actor Kim Seon Ho and Kim Seon Ho’s fan club ‘The Giving Tiger’ will serve as a good example to many people,” said the non-profit organization Hope Treatydol.

Kim Seon Ho’s overseas fanclub has also started to donate. As part of the “Kim Seon Ho Birthday Project,” the actor’s Thai fan club also donated 280,000 baht (about 10 million won) to help aid the medical expenses and devices amid the pandemic. Fans are following the steps of Kim Seon Ho, who is trying to give back a certain portion of his talent and income to society. Kim Seon Ho USA, Kim’s fan club in the U.S., also donated money in the name of Kim Seon Ho to support struggling personnel in the theater industry.

Kim Seon-ho

On the other hand, Kim Seon Ho also announced that he would donate the profits from his first offline fan meeting held recently. The steady good deeds of both Kim Seon Ho and his fan club, who consistently donate regardless of the amount, further enhanced Kim Seon Ho’s public image. Now it’s his own responsibility to decide where his career will go in the future.

Source: Tenasia

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