TWICE Jeongyeon experienced an unfortunate accident onstage during 5th World Tour “READY TO BE” 

During TWICE’s ongoing world tour, Jeongyeon unexpected fell during a stage performance. 

As of the moment, TWICE is on their 5th World Tour “READY TO BE”. The tour is set to hit several cities across Korea, Australia, Japan, Canada and the U.S. It is almost a year since their fou4th rth World Tour III, in support of their third Korean studio album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3”. 

In reuniting with their fans, TWICE prepared a series of jaw-dropping and exciting performances onstage. Nonetheless, there was an unfortunate incident during a night of concert at KSPO Dome. Specifically, during “The Feels” performance on the second concert night, Jeongyeon unexpectedly fell onstage while doing the choreography. With professional attitude, the idol got back up, with the help of a fellow member, and finished the performance. 

TWICE members were taken aback by Jeongyeon’s fall 
Other TWICE members helped her return to the backstage area
Another angle that captured the unfortunate incident 

Source: K14 

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