From debut to million-seller: BLACKPINK 4 years, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans less than 1 year

The time it takes for Kpop artists to achieve the “million seller” status after debuting has significantly shortened due to globalization.

According to Kiwoom Securities on June 8th, it is estimated that as of April, about 34 million Kpop albums have been sold. In particular, SEVENTEEN achieved first-week album sales of 4.55 million copies, while LE SSERAFIM and aespa both sold over 1 million copies with one album. JYP’s Stray Kids also received pre-orders of 5.13 million copies.

Regarding this, researcher Lee Nam Soo explained, “The growth trend of album sales is clear, with 25 million copies sold in 2019, 41 million copies in 2020, 55 million copies in 2021, and 75 million copies in 2022”. 


He also added, “Album exports increased by 159% in Japan, 279% in China, and 340% in the United States, compared to 2019.”

In particular, the shortened period to achieve the million-seller status after debut is noteworthy. For instance, it took EXO 9.2 years, BTS 4.2 years, Red Velvet 8.5 years, and BLACKPINK 4.2 years, while aespa achieved it in 1.7 years, ITZY in 3.5 years, LE SSERAFIM in 0.8 years, IVE in 0.7 years, and NewJeans in 0.6 years, which is significantly faster.

Regarding this, the researcher explained, “Unlike the time when achieving million-seller status acted as a “ceiling”, globalization now provides high-growth opportunities after achieving million-seller status.” 

He further elaborated, “The situation has changed, from sequentially expanding from domestic debut to Japan, Southeast Asia, and then globally, to focusing on targeted regions.”

Source: News Herald

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