Go Hyun Jung addresses rurmors of spending “1 million won in one year just for skin care” 

Go Hyun Jung addressed rumors of KRW100-million skincare treatment and revealed her beauty secrets. 

On June 7th, Go Hyun Jung appeared on Chanel A’s “Happy Morning” and revealed she spent up to 100 million won on her skincare. Previously, the actress is known for a series of shocking scandals with the Samsung Family and a miraculous return to the entertainment scene. Currently, the actress is thriving and never ceases to surprise the public with a youthful-looking appearance.

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In 1994, Go Hyun was voted to be the fairest-skinned star. In 2006, she was bestowed with the title of the 30th best skin among actresses in Korea. Netizens are curious about her skincare secrets and are taken aback when the amount was said to be hundreds of millions.

After years of baseless rumors, Hyun Jung addressed the controversies and revealed her beauty secrets.

go hyun jung

Go Hyun Jung said that she was embroiled in countless rumors in the entertainment industry, ironically due to her clear and smooth skin. When confronted with the real amount she spent on taking care of her skin, the “Sandglass” star confirmed the amount of 100 million won was blown out of proportion. She added the total cost of dermatologist visits and facial massages never reached that level.

go hyun jung

Moreover, the actress also denied the rumor that she used a whole bottle of lotion on a flight. She clarified that her skin got very dry so she did use lotion, but never a whole bottle.

go hyun jung

Taking this opportunity, the actress also revealed she reduced using the heater in winter times. She also let the audience into a method called “fluffy face wash”. It is a way of facial washing using the fluff on the face in the opposite direction. Go Hyun Jung also affirmed she did not like to exercise and only train when her role required. However, she spends time walking the Han River with her manager. She takes care of herself by staying hydrated, walking for 30 minutes with a waistband, and eating 1/4 of an apple and two strawberries.

Source: Herald Pop

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