Park Shin-hye, “When I Miss Moments Of Acting, I Realized That I Love This Job”

Actress Park Shin-hye completed a photoshoot for the July issue of VOGUE Hong Kong magazine and talked about her new drama

On July 4th, SALT Entertainment unveiled Park Shin-hye’s cover for the July issue of Hong Kong fashion magazine VOGUE Hong Kong. Especially, she decorated the July issue with three different print covers, including the digital cover.

The released pictorials show Park Shin-hye exuding her elegance and captivating viewers by staring charmingly at the camera with deep eyes. She also presented various poses to highlight the luxurious jewelry she was wearing.

park shin hye

During the photo shoot, Park Shin-hye also did an interview. When asked about her acting career, the actress honestly said, “When I miss the moments of acting in front of the camera or when I enjoy acting, I realized ‘I love this job’ and ‘I’m really enjoying doing this job’”

In addition, the interviewer asked Park Shin-hye to introduce her upcoming acting project “The Judge From Hell”. The actress said, “My character Kang Bit-na is a devil from hell whose mission is to kill those who are unforgiven and those who don’t reflect on their wrongdoings then send them to hell”. She added, “It’s such an attractive character because it requires expressions different from the roles I played previously. Kang Bit-na likes fancy things and her personality is also different from other characters I played”, raising expectations for her new drama.

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