TWICE in 2020: the girls have breakthroughs, and innovations but are unlucky

By the end of 2019, Twice has set many records and created a stepping stone for 2020. Have the group done as expected?

By the end of 2019, Twice had sold more than one million copies on the Gaon charts, while maintaining this record for three consecutive years.  In the Japanese market, the group achieved more than 5 million yen in revenue just by selling music products in 2019. The group was also the best-selling foreign artist and ranked fourth overall in the Best Selling Artist category based on the 52nd Oricon Chart. It all seemed like a stepping stone for the group in 2020.

TWICE in 20201

After their Twicelights world tour at Tokyo Dome in March, Twice signed with Republic Records to begin promoting in the US.  Immediately, Twice held the first online concert in their career, Twice: World in a Day.  This show quickly set a record, became the online concert of the Kpop girl group that sold the most tickets.

TWICE in 2020

Not as expected, it was not until early June that this girl group released the first Korean music product More & More with the 6th mini-album of the same name.  The album was quickly recorded by Gaon to sell 550,000 copies – becoming the best-selling album by a girl group in Korea for the past 20 years (at that timecc).  However, the digital achievement of this song was not as expected of the fans and audience.

TWICE in 20203

Many people believe that despite their breakthrough and innovation, in the end, they still prefer TWICE’s previous style.  Despite the controversy, the 9 girls faithfully pursued the new style and brought it to their second full album, Eyes Open Wide, which was released in October. This was a song with a classical music style combined with a different style from their cute image before.

TWICE in 20204

After continuing to step back toward their achievements, the audience asked if Twice did not match the style that the current group has pursued?  In 2020, the girl group did not leave too many outstanding marks.  To be honest, the group’s performance was inferior to previous years.  Hopefully next year, Twice will have a big turning point – bringing the name back to the top position as in the past.

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