In remembrance one year since Goo Hara passed away

Today, November 24, is the first death anniversary of K-pop star Goo Hara. One year ago, that little girl chose to leave this life, leaving her childhood trauma, hateful comments, and even the pain of being harassed. 

 A year has passed, but it seems that the nostalgia for Goo Hara is still there.  And this year, on a memorial day, those who love Goo Hara have tried their best to get the Goo Hara Act passed.

The Goo Hara Act is finally passed

After the late singer’s death, her family has been in a legal dispute after her mother returned to claim half of Goo Hara’s inheritance, despite having abandoned the two children when they were young. In response, Goo Ho In filed a lawsuit against their mother to request an evaluation of the inheritance division that would take into consideration how their mother was absent for most of their lives and had given up parental rights and custody. Inspired by the difficulties his family is facing, Goo Ho In also called for the establishment of a “Goo Hara Act” that would change inheritance laws so that families in the future will not suffer from the same tragedy that theirs is going through.

After a full year, Goo Hara’s brother’s efforts paid off.  During the session on November 23, the Administrative Safety Committee of the Korean National Assembly decided to amend the Retirement and Inheritance Act, based on complaints from the brother of Goo Hara and the case of “missing 32-year mother of the firefighter “.

According to previous laws, the first inheritance row will be the children of the deceased, and the second row will be their parents.  Since Goo Hara has no children, her property will be divided into two parts for her parents to inherit, despite her mother leaving when the female idol was young and did not fulfill the responsibility to take care of and raise Goo Hara.  From now on, according to the newly amended law, if the biological parents abandon their children and fail to fulfill their responsibilities, they will not be entitled to inherit inheritance.

Perhaps, in a distant place, Goo Hara is also relieved.  Now there will be no more sadness for that little girl.

The people who stayed still remember Goo Hara, this year was a year of fans silently commemorating the late artist

With his brother, friends, and fans, the hurt remains in their hearts.  Goo Hara’s fans placed a memorial sign at Gangnam Station, Seoul with the message “Hara, I love you, always be happy”.  Gifts and flowers were also sent to the place where the female idol’s ashes and relics are located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

Good night, Goo Hara. It’s all over!

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