TWICE Dahyun and Jay Park boast fairest skin in K -pop industry

According to experts, TWICE Dahyun and Jay Park are the fairest-skinned artists in the K-pop industry.

A beautiful complexion is a must-have to become a K-pop idol. Even when an artist is born with a clear and smooth complexion, he or she still invests millions of won into their skincare. Winner Jinwoo confessed he spent nearly 3 million won per month on skincare.

Recently, two idols took over fan communities for having the fairest skin of all. Surprisingly, BLACKPINK Rosé was not one of the names mentioned. According to industry insiders, they are TWICE Dahyun and Jay Park.

TWICE Dahyun

TWICE Dahyun boasts flawless skin certified by make-up experts. The famous MUA Jo Sang Gi revealed on her YouTube channel that Dahyun did not use powder or foundation. Her smooth and elastic skin is a result of genetics. In these two photos, Dahyun did not use foundation.

Another MUA, Ji Ah, also shared, when she did make-up for Dahyun, she only applied a layer of sunscreen before adding blush because her skin is already in good condition.

Jay Park

Jay Park earned a reputation as an idol with flawless skin back in the day he was in 2PM. His skin does not have pores. It is bright in color. Moreover, there is no sign of discoloration.

jay park

Even fans are envied of the idol. According to the artist’s MUA, Jay Park did not need much makeup because his skin is already fair.

A dermatologist lauded him for having clear and beautiful skin. He does not need deep skincare because the rapper is endowed with fair skin.

Source: K14 

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