“Twenty-five Twenty-one” Nam Joo-hyuk leaves his back soaking wet while covering an umbrella over Kim Tae-ri

During the filming of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, Nam Joo-hyuk revealed his sweet side as he put the umbrella over Kim Tae-ri and left his back all wet.

Twenty five twenty one

On March 23rd, a making video of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” episodes 11 and 12 was released on the Youtube channel “tvN Drama”.

In the video, Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri were playing around with each other and continued to shoot the scenes in a friendly atmosphere.

The part that attracts the most attention is where Nam Joo-hyuk put an umbrella to cover Kim Tae-ri while filming the scene of heavy rain. 

While Kim Tae-ri was moving around doing her acting and saying her lines enthusiastically, Nam Joo-hyuk was following her with an umbrella. 

Nam Joo-hyuk tried to take great care of Kim Tae-ri and prevent her from getting wet as much as possible, but his back and shoulders were all soaked in the rain.

Even in the scene where the two walked side by side with each other, Nam Joo-hyuk showed his consideration by tilting the umbrella toward Kim Tae-ri.

Later, when monitoring the scene, Kim Tae-ri couldn’t hide her smile as if she was very happy with Nam Joo-hyuk’s sweet action.

The viewers were also amazed to see Nam Joo-hyuk’s caring and well-mannered appearance and they once again fell in deeper love with him.

Meanwhile, tvN’s drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, which is attracting huge attention with Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri’s sweet chemistry, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. 

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