Trending actor Lee Yi-kyung selected for lead role in “Marry YOU”

According to iMBC Entertainment on Jan 8th, Lee Yi-kyung has been cast as the lead actor in Channel A’s new drama “Marry YOU” (written by Rina, directed by Yoon Yeo-chang).

“Marry YOU” depicts the struggles of Jung Ha-na, who is banished to the “marriage morale boost” team hurriedly created in order to achieve the marriage of Bong Cheol-hee (played by Lee Yi-kyung).

lee yi kyung

In the drama, Lee Yi-kyung takes on the role of Bong Cheol-hee, a versatile and capable man who can do anything. With his recent successful performances, Lee Yi-kyung is highly anticipated in this role.

In addition to his acting career, Lee Yi-kyung has showcased his wit as a regular member on MBC’s flagship variety show “Hangout with Yoo” alongside Yoo Jae-suk. He has also displayed his sharp tongue on SBS PLUS·ENA’s “I’m SOLO”.

Anticipation is building to see Lee Yi-kyung portray Bong Cheol-hee in “Marry YOU” and the kind of resonance it will create.

Source: Naver

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