Total value of Black Pink’s outfits in the new MV is $142K but Jennie’s alone cost $107K – Rosé got the cheapest clothes?

Black Pink is indeed classy, spending huge amounts of money on MV outfits that surprises many people.

Returning to the Kpop race after over a year, Black Pink has been making fans excited from day to day.  Besides the quality of the single “How You Like That”, BLINKs are also very curious how “terrific” the 4 girls’ high-end clothing items will be this time.


It seems that no matter what, Jennie is always favored when it comes to outfits. The most expensive item among what she wore in the MV – Shay’s necklace costs more than $77,700.  Along with that is a pair of Chiara Ferragni sneakers that is $330.

Because Jennie is Chanel’s ambassador, she was also given priority to wear the latest and extremely pricey items of the brand. Such as this tank top and necklace that cost $1625.

Jennie also got the privilege to put on the dress in Chanel’s new collection and the price is over $28,200.

The stylist has modified Danha’s traditional hanbok and mixed it with Chanel’s leather gloves for Jennie. This set costs about $1426.

Jennie’s sparkly cape jacket was custom designed by Bell & Nouveau. Although the price has not been disclosed, fans guess it can be up to thousands of dollars.


Not only Jennie got to wear expensive items but also Lisa. The Celine fur coat she wore alone was $21,390.  Plus the remaining items such as bralette, panties and shorts also cost up to $22,061.

Besides, the accessories duo from Bell & Nouveau (belt & necklace) are nearly $4177. Valued at more than $25836, this is one of the most expensive outfits in the MV.

The pants from Moncler that Lisa wore also cost a significant amount, about $1385.

Lisa’s position in the industry has become more and more solid, so it is understandable that she also got to wear items from the latest Off-White or Celine collections.


Jisoo looks stunning in the design of Alexander McQueen. This time she wore a red midi dress from this brand that costs $3075.

Slightly more affordable are the GmbH jeans and Demonia rainbow boots. The total value of these 2 items is $725.

Currently a brand ambassador of Dior Beauty, Jisoo certainly had to wear something from Dior. Her shirt in a scene is priced at $3900 and is also an item that is worn by many celebs lately.

Along with two black dresses of Jennie – Lisa, Jisoo also wore one custom made by Bridal Kong.


Also wearing white like other members, but Rosé’s set is much cheaper than the other 3. Both the Badblood jacket and her Marine Serre combo only cost about $387.

 $861 is the value of Danha’s hanbok set that Rosé wore at the end of the MV.

Like Jisoo, Rosé’s “black swan” dress is also custom made by Bridal Kong, but its value has not been revealed.

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