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Jay Park shocked at a scary scene on Lee Young Ji’s drinking show, “Please explain this”

Singer Park Jae Beom (Jay Park) was shocked by a scene in the web entertainment program he recently guested on.

On June 4th, Jay Park posted on his Instagram a screenshot of him when appearing on the Youtube content “Nothing Much Prepared”.


In the caption, the male singer wrote “I’m really not kidding…WTF is that!!!!!”, adding “Whys there a foot there!! Please tell me thats camera trick… PD, please explain this. I’m scared.” He even circled the part he mentioned.

The scene appeared at 12:40 in the new episode of “Nothing Much Prepared” featuring Jay Park. At that time, Lee Young Ji was dancing to Jay Park’s new song “Candy” but someone’s foot was captured under the table where Lee Young Ji sat.


This seems to be a mistake during the editing process. There might have been an error in editing footage of the sitting and dancing parts.

Meanwhile, Jay Park recently released his new song “Candy”.

Source: Wikitree

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