Top 5 new generation female idols with “actress” faces

The beauty and charisma of these stars make the public think that they are more suitable for acting than singing.

In the past, Kpop idols were always underestimated. There are many actors/actresses who cannot compare with idols in terms of beauty but they are always appreciated for their aura. However, there are also idols that are praised by the public for their faces and beauty.

Ji Soo (Black Pink)

Owning a beautiful natural face with pigeon eyes, small face, and heart lips, Ji Soo is classified as the “goddess of Kpop beauty” right from her debut.

Ji Soo is praised for having actress vibes. There are moments when fans said that she looks like the female lead of a romantic Korean film.

Tzuyu (Twice)

Tzuzu is also a famous female idol in Kpop. When it comes to Tzuyu, fans have to admit that she has a beautiful, and innocent look that make others not be able to take their eyes off of her.

Since debut, she has had countless beautiful moments as a “fairy goddess”. The fans say that Tzuyu’s phoenix eyes and bright smile, if given the emotional roles, will definitely create a hot buzz.

Hana (Gugudan)

In addition to the visual goddesses of the 3rd generation such as Ji Soo, Irene, Tzuyu,… Hana (Gugudan) is another idol with outstanding beauty.

Every time she appears, fans go crazy because of her fragile and classic beauty like a noble lady. If she is acting, she is said to be very good with the role of fierce and arrogant character. Although beautiful, Hana and Gugudan have not achieved many impressive achievements.

Chae Yeon (DIA)

The idol born in 1997 has been called “Suzy” since debut, but it was not until she joined Produce 101 and her goddess ending moment, her new career stepped up to another level.

From an anonymous idol, Chaeyeon shines and steps into the next generation of beauty. Even so, Jung Chae Yeon’s beauty and controversial talent have made it difficult for her career. However, Chae Yeon is still popular with young audiences thanks to her style and aura.

Sources: Ione

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