Actress Go Joon-hee reportedly terminated her exclusive contract with Y-Bloom Ent. only 5 months after signing it

Go Joon-hee, who is expected to make a comeback after her three-year hiatus, suddenly parted ways with her new agency 5 months after signing an exclusive contract with them.

On September 29th, YTN Star reported that actress Go Joon-hee had terminated her exclusive contract with Y-Bloom Entertainment. Since contracts are often signed on the yearly basis, the fact that her contract was terminated after only 5 months arouse netizens’ curiosity.

Go Joon Hee

Go Joon-hee hadn’t had many activities since she finished OCN’s drama “Possessed” in 2019 then raised expectations as she signed to Y-Bloom Entertainment in May this year.

At that time, Y-Bloom stated, “Go Joon-hee will show better performances through various works in the future. We will provide firm support to Go Jun-hee so that she can actively carry out many activities.”

Y-Bloom Entertainment is known to be managing Lee Yoo-bi, Chae Soo-ah, Yoon Jo, Choi Ga-eun, etc.

Go Joon Hee

Meanwhile, Go Joon-hee terminated her exclusive contract with Mountain Movement due to differences in opinions about her career direction in 2020, 10 months after signing with the agency. Earlier in 2014, she came under IOK Company, which is the home to her close fellow actors Jo In-sung and Go Hyun-jung, but also took steps to terminate the exclusive contract in only a month.

Go Joon-hee debuted in 2001 through SK Smart Uniform Model Contest. She then made her face known to the public after starring in various famous works, such as dramas “Hello My Teacher”, “What’s Up Fox?”, “Crazy for Love”,”Chuno”, “Queen of Ambition”, “She Was Pretty”, and movies “Marriage Blue”, “Red Carpet”, “Intimate Enemies”.

Go Joon Hee

Go Joon-he has also appeared in various entertainment programs, such as “We Got Married” and “Law of the Jungle”. She also emerged as a ‘wannabe star’ with her extraordinary fashion sense.

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