TOP 10 countries watched Lisa (BLACKPINK)’s MV ‘LALISA’ the most in the first 24 hours of release

Which countries have contributed the most views to the achievement of views in the first 24 hours of the release of ‘LALISA’?

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is one of the most famous female Kpop idols in the world, so her solo debut is highly anticipated and expected to resonate. Finally, at 13:00 on September 10 (KST) Lisa officially released her first single album titled ‘LALISA‘ with the MV for the title song of the same name. Along with using her real name for both the album title and the title song, the Thai female idol wants to show the world her strength and confidence.

TOP 10 countries watched Lisa (BLACKPINK)'s MV 'LALISA' the most in the first 24 hours of release

Whether it’s BLACKPINK in general or Lisa in particular, they are all queens of YouTube views. That’s why one of the things that make many people anxious to watch is what will happen to the views of the MV ‘LALISA‘ after the first 24 hours of release, whether it will continue to break any special records.

According to Youtube display counter, MV ‘LALISA‘ has reached a huge number of 70.4 million views after the first 24 hours of release. This also means that Lisa has become the solo artist with the highest-viewed MV in YouTube history within the first 24 hours, beating the previous record held by the MV ‘ME!‘ by Taylor Swift (65.2 million views). However, we still have to wait for Youtube to confirm the specific number to avoid view filtering.

However, no matter what, the number of 70.4 million views after the first 24 hours of release helped prove the popularity of ‘LALISA‘ and the public’s interest in Lisa. In addition, currently, this 24-hour record cannot be affected by the advertising part (running ads). Based on the data of Youtube Chart, let’s see which countries have the most views for the MV ‘LALISA‘ in the first 24 hours and contributed greatly to this new record of BLACKPINK‘s maknae.

(Note: Numbers have been rounded, some ranks are separated by decimals)

10th place: Korea – 985k views

9th place: America – 1.1 million views

8th place: Brazil – 1.1 million views

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7th place: Mexico – 1.4 million views

6th place: Malaysia – 1.9 million views

5th place: Indonesia – 3.5 million views

4th place: India – 4.1 million views

3rd place: Philippines – 4.2 million views

2nd place: Vietnam – 4.5 million views

1st place: Thailand – 9.8 million views

Thus, the result is not surprising as Thailand – Lisa‘s own hometown (BLACKPINK) – is the country that has streamed the most for the MV ‘LALISA‘ in the first 24 hours of its release, contributing a significant part to the success of the female idol solo artist record. Next, Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also at the top. These are all music markets that love Lisa’s style and talent.

Meanwhile, the US ranked 9th with 1.1 million contributed views, a ranking that is not as high as expected even though BLACKPINK is currently a famous Kpop girl group in this market. In addition, Korea has just enough views to enter the top 10 with nearly 1 million views.

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