“Today’s Webtoon” Kim Se-jeong and Nam Yoon-soo’s teamwork received 4.6%

Kim Se-jeong and Nam Yoon-soo joined forces.

Kim Se-jeong of SBS’s “Today’s Webtoon” spread her passionate influence to her colleague Nam Yoon-soo, leading to a touching change. The two youngest members of “Neons,” which were polar opposites, finally joined hands, saying, “We will make it a proper battlefield so that the webtoon team won’t disappear.”

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” (scripted by Cho Ye-rang, Lee Jae-eun/directed by Cho Soo-won, Kim Young-hwan/Planned by Studio S/Produced by Binge Works, Studio N), which aired on August 5th, got 3.6% nationwide and 3.6% in the Seoul metropolitan area. Also, the rating of the 20-49 age group was 1.4% (Provided by Nielsen Korea).

In this episode, On Ma-eum (Kim Se-jeong) was not shaken by Koo Joon-young (Nam Yoon-soo)’s shocking remarks which said, “Changing to a regular full-time job is a torture on hope.” Rather, she said, “I will do twice, three times better than now so that this team won’t disappear.” Being anxious about the uncertain future and only dreaming of a guaranteed result is not how On Ma-eum, who used to aim for the Olympic gold medal, lives her life.

Having been assigned an author in charge for the first time, On Ma-eum struggled to become a true editor. She only had a short time to scream in joy as she got to be in charge of Na Kang-nam (Lim Cheol-soo), the author of her favorite webtoon “Princess Gumiho,” before facing a crisis right from the first week. Even though it was time to send the script, Na Kang-nam gave no response. With an anxious mind, On Ma-eum went straight to the studio, and realized her worries has become a reality. “The Royal Pain”, Na Kang-nam’s influencer girlfriend Ji Han-seul (Jin Ye-sol), disappeared again on the day of the deadline, so Na Kang-nam threw out the manuscript, saying, “Just announced a week off!” to go find her. Eventually, On Ma-eum grabbed him by force earnestly asked for a deadline, and instead went out to find his girlfriend for him. And based on the clues found on SNS, she ran and ran in the middle of the night to find Ji Han-seul, and Na Kang-nam finally sent the manuscript on time as promised.

In the meantime, Jun-young saw the dark side of the colorful famous writer Bbomme (Hayulli), who seriously contemplated quitting the industry. As soon as he took charge of her, Bbomme, who called Joon-young to the studio, confessed that she missed people. She has worked for more than 16 hours a day, 365 days a year, so she had no one to talk to aside from the editor in charge of her. She can only do her shopping on the Internet, so there were a lot of delivery boxes piled up in front of her front door, and she also had a large quantity of pain relief patch. It was the hardship of a writer, an “extreme job” that has to live with painful spine discs, migraines, and arthritis.

Jun-young understands the real reason for Bbomme’s request to be able to take care of her private life. For him, the passion of On Ma-eum rushing to protect the deadline, was a decisive turning point in his life. This is because editor Jang Man-cheol (Park Ho-san), who refused Joon-young’s request to move the team, has advice him, “If you work hard, the scenery around you changes.” Jun-young, who was on his way to another company’s interview, turned back. And he broke the shell of his shallow pride by confessing to Jang Man-chul, “I thought this team was not a place for me to fight fiercely.” He also expressed his determination, “I will try to make this team a proper battlefield so that the scenery around me changes.

Meanwhile, the episode ended with an ending that heralded another war between Na Kang-nam and the passionate Han Ma-eum. When Ma-eum showed a complacent attitude, saying, “I want to respect the opinion of a veteran artist even though the number of views and traffic has fallen due to the loose plot development of the third week, the pain of the painter is proportional to the joy of the viewer.” But Seok Ji-hyung (Choi Daniel) said, “The role of the person in charge is to maximize the quality of the work for the enjoyment of the reader.” Only then did she realize that he had never thought of running together with the author instead of driving them to a lonely and long marathon alone, before she ran to the studio again and asked for some correction. The tension between the editor and the author, who did not back down an inch, caused a tight tension.

Meanwhile, the fourth episode of “Today’s Webtoon” will be broadcast on SBS at 10 p.m. today (August 6th).

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