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This “Youth Star” contestant captivates K-pop fans’ hearts with his handsome face resembling Yang Yo-seob and Cha Eun-woo

A contestant in the audition program “Youth Star” recently attracted attention with his refreshing visual.

On May 19th, Channel A’s “Youth Star” began amidst high expectations from K-pop fans. “Youth Star” is a program that depicts the journey of talented young people, including singer-songwriters, idols, and vocalists becoming stars through battles. 


Unlike other participants who came to compete in groups, 20-year-old Jung Sung-yoon came on the stage and performed alone, catching the eyes of all the mentors.

Apart from Jung Sung-yoon’s confident appearance, it was his visual that drew attention.


Jung Sung-yoon heated up the atmosphere with his handsome face from the very first moment he appeared and amazed everyone with his refreshing vibe and white skin.

Mentor Kim Yi-na said, “He resembles Yang Yo-seob and someone else?”, and then Cha Eun-woo was mentioned in the subtitle.


Jung Sung-yoon said, “I wanted to become a star this year so I came to ‘Youth Star’”. He also showed off his Busan accent, revealing his charm.


Jung Sung-yoon came to Seoul at the age of 17 because he wanted to become an idol. He was trying to achieve his dream by practicing to become an idol during the daytime, and working part-time jobs at meat and hotpot restaurants at night. 


To prove his efforts, Jung Sung-yoon performed “Euphoria”, the solo song by Jungkook of BTS. He showed off his sweet and stable vocal skills, surprising the mentors from the very first verse he sang.

Lastly, after adding votes from the mentors, Jung Sung-yoon received 174 out of 200 votes and passed the preliminary round with an aim of advancing to the finale.

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