The rookie actor nicknamed “3 Seconds Park Bo-gum” is receiving favorable responses from netizens

Appearing in a star-studded drama, this rookie actor is not overshadowed at all. 

Bae Hyun Sung is gaining keen attention for his role in tvN’s ongoing omnibus-format drama “Our Blues”. After “Hospital Playlist”, Bae Hyun Sung received another opportunity to join a star-studded cast featuring A-list actors. Despite not taking on a lead role in “Our Blues”, Bae Hyun Sung still has a story of his own by portraying a character that captures the audiences’ hearts. His character draws empathy with how he loves, respects his girlfriend, and is ready to take responsibility when she becomes pregnant.

Born in 1999, Bae Hyun Sung has been active as an actor for 4 years. But “Our Blues” perhaps marks his first breakout role since debut. 

Bae Hyun Sung was also known for his role as an intern in Hospital Playlist
He is also a familiar face of the series Love Playlist season 3 and 4

With natural acting, handsome visuals, most notably a bright smile, Bae Hyun Sung is now listed among K-drama rising actors with the most potential, following the generation of Lee Do Hyun,Ahn Hyo Seop,… Currently, Bae Hyun Sung is also considered for his first ever leading role in a drama alongside Kim Hye Soo, one of the most powerful actresses in the industry.

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