TWICE Tzuyu boasts extraordinary beauty even in childhood photos

Tzuyu, a member of TWICE, draws attention by certifying her extraordinary beauty, which is apparent even in childhood photos.

On April 18th, Tzuyu posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “When we were kids“. The released photos showed Tzuyu in her childhood, boasting the same beauty as now with big round eyes that resembles elegant deers.

She also drew admiration by boasting her superior visuals with small face, big eyes and bright smile. In addition, the pure scene of her sitting on the rides and “roaring” in excitement made viewers happy.

On top of that, Tzuyu proved her extraordinary talent from an early age by wearing an angel wing costume and posing with an expression reminiscent of an idol.

Netizens who saw the photos were surprised by her playful charm and beauty. They commented on the online community theqoo, “Cute“, “She’s really pretty, but raising children doesn’t seem easy“, “She must have been very naughty when she was a kid“, and so on.

Tzuyu, who was born in 1999, is from Taiwan. She debuted as a member of TWICE in 2015, and is a visual member of the team, known for her gorgeous features and excellent stature.

Meanwhile, Tzuyu’s group, TWICE, has received great love for their various hit songs. They are currently conducting their fifth world tour.

Source: Wikitree

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