This idol-turned-actress doesn’t hesitate to act high-level hot scenes but still has no hit work

EXID member Hani failed to make a hit drama despite performing many affectionate scenes.

Except for idols who completely transformed into actors, most idol-turned-actors tend to choose safe characters because of their images. However, EXID Hani is a rare case. She always selects unexpected projects and makes bold acting transformations.


Hani is a member of the girl group EXID. Thanks to her perfect visual and body figure, Hani attracts fans with her beautiful fancams and is even nicknamed “fancam goddess”. In 2020, she started her acting career through the drama “XX”. With her first leading role, Hani decided to perform high-rating kiss scenes. Although the drama was not very popular, her kiss scene with Bae In Hyuk made headlines and spread widely on SNS.

The second drama led by Hani is “You Raise Me Up”. This drama not only tells a sensitive story of the journey to cure a sexual disease for a man in his 30s but also has many affectionate scenes. Hani appears as the ex-lover and the doctor of the man. 

You Raise Me Up
You Raise Me Up

Hani’s latest acting project is “Hit The Spot”. This drama even sparked controversies because it has too many hot scenes. Centering on the topic about sex, “Hit The Spot” even shows sex items, lines that directly mention sex matters, etc.

More shocking than all the dramas mentioned above is “Young Adult Matters”. In “Young Adult Matters”, Hani shocked viewers with multiple kissing scenes with female co-stars. In addition, she also smoked and transformed herself into a reckless character.

Young Adult Matters
Young Adult Matters

Hani is considered one of the boldest idol-turned actresses. Unfortunately, she hasn’t achieved remarkable success in acting yet. The projects that Hani participates in are mostly not commercially successful. That’s why most people are still more familiar with idol Hani than actress Hani.

Source: K14

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