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Aespa Karina “Daytime drinks? I’m not good at it”… Song Eun laughs, “So you do”

aespa’s honest aspect was revealed

The July 9th broadcast of MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” featured girl group aespa and their manager Lee Seung-hee.On this day, aespa went to Hangang Park. The manager said, “There are many photos of the four of them walking around without hesitation. They like doing things on their own rather than letting me help them because they have a strong tendency to be easygoing and independent.”


After laying the mat in the park, the four settled down then went to the convenience store to buy some food. While doing grocery shopping, a member was caught saying “We’re not going to drink during the day, right?”. When Song Eun-yi asked the members if they drink in the daytime, Karina replied, “We don’t do it often”. Song Eun-yi said, “So you do”, drawing laughter. aespa members cooked ramen at the convenience store and ate it deliciously. Karina even shared the ramen evenly with other members.


Aespa also called Lee Soo-Man. This is because the day of the recording was Lee Soo-man’s birthday. Aespa members also sang Lee Soo-man’s Happy Birthday song. Lee Soo-man advised aespa to control their condition well and enjoy the days off.

Source: Nate

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