Nayeon reveals the special skill that only Dahyun has in TWICE (Omniscient Interfering View)

Nayeon mentioned TWICE member Dahyun on “Omniscient Interfering View”.

TWICE’s Nayeon recently appeared on “Omniscient Interfering View” to show her daily life and the preparation for her solo album. 

On the broadcast, Nayeon also mentioned TWICE members and revealed a story about Dahyun.

Nayeon recalled the bug attack during a filming schedule. When asked if there is any member who can catch the bugs, Nayeon said, “Almost all members of TWICE are scared of bugs… except for Dahyun”.

She continued, “We live on different floors but Dahyun still came down to catch bugs for us. Even when she was sleeping, we woke her up and made her come to catch the bugs”, adding “Dahyun is the only member in TWICE who has the ability to catch bugs!”

Source: daum

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