This “dance prodigy”, who started learning dancing at a dance academy at the age of 3, has become the “next-generation dancing queen” of K-pop

As the next “Dancing Queen” chosen by Hyoyeon, TWICE Momo is currently one of the most outstanding idol dancers in K-pop. 

Apart from her dancing skills, TWICE Momo recently drew attention with her cute airport fashion. On October 27th, Momo reportedly left for Japan to attend the Onitsuka Tiger Cactus Leather event. 

twice momo

Appearing at the airport, Momo wore a brown fleece set-up. The costume covered her whole body, giving off a comfortable and warm atmosphere that goes well with the chilly autumn weather. Internet users responded, “I felt cold every time she appeared at the airport but she looks warm today”, “Momo’s face doesn’t get swollen in the morning”, “She’s so pretty”, “Her bear fashion is so cute”, “She will have a nice sleep on the plane”, etc.

twice momo

Momo is the main dancer, sub vocalist, and sub rapper of JYP Entertainment’s nine-member girl group TWICE. She participated in “Superstar K3 Japan” preliminary round in 2011 as a member of a four-member girl group. According to information about Momo that was belatedly revealed, Momo challenged the competition with the determination of becoming famous all over Asia but was eliminated. There was a video of her crying after the elimination.


An official from JYP Entertainment later contacted Momo and told her to audition after watching her dance video. Momo went to the audition with her sister but passed it alone and went to Korea together with Sana. After coming to Korea, Momo started her trainee career at the age of 15 in 2012 and then debuted as a member of TWICE in October 2015. 

When Park Jin-young selected Momo to the official lineup of TWICE in JYP’s survival program “SIXTEEN”, which features the competition of 16 trainees for a girl group debut, he explained, “I chose Momo to strengthen the dance and performance of TWICE”


It is known that Momo started attending a dance academy and learned how to dance when she was 3 years old. With her experience, she was famous among trainees as a top dancer. Becoming the main dancer of TWICE, Momo is often praised for her high-level dance skills among girl group idols.


A choreographer at JYP Entertainment, who used to instruct Girls’ Generation, Lee Hyo-ri and Son Dam-bi, even selected Momo as the best dancer. Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, who is also known as a ‘dancing queen’, once mentioned Momo and picked her as the ‘next-generation dancing queen’.

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When asked, “Among your students, who can beat you with their dance talent?”, famous choreographer Lia Kim, who used to teach dancing at BIG 3 agencies SM-JYP-YG, made headlines as she answered without hesitation, “Everyone can dance so well, but TWICE Momo is outstanding”.

twice momo

Momo herself is also confident in her dancing ability. Appearing on SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, she overwhelmed the cast with various cover dance performances and beat Dahyun, who showed a comic dance, in the dance talent competition. 

Source: Daum

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