JooE (Momoland) is harshly bashed by Knet, is it a crime for an idol to have unattractive look?

This is not the first time that JooE is criticized just because of her look.

JooE is said to be one of the most well-known members of Momoland. However, her popularity is mostly based on the criticism given to her by the public. People harshly bash her just because of her look and she even has to receive the title “The Ugliest female idol in Kpop history”.
Despite her look, JooE still makes a lot of appearances on variety shows thanks to her active and mischievous personality. Her popularity has dramatically increased since Momoland became famous with the hit song “Bboom Bboom”, which was released in the early of 2018. As time goes by, the public started to be familiar with JooE and have good impression about this female idol. Still, some netizens regard her as a nuisance, they harshly bash and even insult this girl. And these rude attacks happen again during Momoland’s latest comeback.
Specifically, in the showcase promoting for the song “BAAM”, JooE continued to show off her mischievousness by making some weird poses on stage. Instead of enjoying her bright personality, netizens constantly mock and bash her on online forums:
1. [+642, -133] Ryu Jun Yeol + Shin Bong Sun
2. [+594, -229] She’s gotta act like this to survive since her face won’t cut it
3. [+574, -227] Sigh… she’s seriously so ugly. She’s supposed to be a celebrity, not a gagwoman who relies on her face to make people laugh..
4. [+44, -24] That is one hell of a face
5. [+42, -12] When I watch her fancams, I remember during her debut days, she looked so fun and excited, but now with all the criticisms about her face, she looks really intimidated and down… There’s a feeling like she’s trying hard to act over the top to make up for her lack of self esteem…
6. [+36, -30] I think she’s damn charming. Cute and fresh.
7. [+36, -28] She’s charming… didn’t like her at first but I keep wanting to see her.
8. [+31, -16] She’s ugly but I like that she’s a hard worker. She’s the one who made Momoland popular… and honestly I can’t even tell that she’s ugly anymore because she’s styled so heavily + strong lighting + camera tricks…
How do you feel about the netizens’ criticism, did they go too far with these comments?
Sources: tinnhac, netizenbuzz

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