BLACKPINK Rosé’s Hectic Schedules: Paris to LA in Just Two Days

BLACKPINK Rosé recently departed for Los Angeles, USA in a chic black outfit

After completing her schedule attending Paris Fashion Week’s Saint Laurent show, Rosé returned to Seoul on October 2nd and boarded a flight to Los Angeles again on October 4th, just two days later.

BLACKPINK recently achieved a significant milestone by attracting over 1.5 million fans to their world tour BORN PINK, solidifying their status as the world’s biggest K-pop girl group.

As the first Asian artist to headline the American Coachella Festival (with a combined total of 250,000 attendees over two days) and the UK’s Hyde Park (65,000 attendees), BLACKPINK has interacted with a total of 2,115,000 fans over the past year.

After concluding their world tour, BLACKPINK is currently in discussions for a contract renewal with YG. Among them, Rosé is reportedly the only member who has renewed her contract, while Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo have yet to announce their positions.

Source: fashionn

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