Jessi: “If you curse at me for dressing racy, I’ll dress even racier,” but she has a physical complex too

Singer Jessi expressed her belief in wearing revealing clothes.

In KBS2’s “Women Running the Chart,” aired on Aug 4th, a list of Korean stars who showed off their healthy beauty through countless self-management was released.


On this day, Jessi ranked third as a celebrity who showed off her healthy beauty.

Jessi has always expressed her affection for her voluminous body. “I think I’m cool when I wear a bikini,” she said. “Because it’s my confidence. What’s wrong with wearing a bikini?” she exclaimed.


In addition, Jessi has revealed her bold bikini fashion several times on SNS and responded coolly to the negative reactions of some netizens. When she saw a lot of “I’m angry” reactions in articles regarding her bikini photos, she captured them and responded, “No, why do you keep getting angry?”

Jessi once said, “I’m proud of my body, and who are you guys to evaluate me?” and added, “This is my body, and if you don’t want to see it, just don’t see it.”

Jessi also shared when she appeared on KBS2’s “The Joy of Conversation 3” last year, that she hoped people who looked at her would change their views. At the time, Jessi said, “I hope people will be more open-minded. People curse at me when I post photos of me wearing a swimsuit. Then what do you wear at the pool? If you say my clothes are too racy, I’ll wear them even racier. It’s my life,” she said, showing confidence in wearing revealing fashion.

Jessi also said, “Women should always be pretty and thin, that is the standard of Korea. But I only live once, so I hope I can live as I want.”

However, Jessi had an unexpected physical complex as well. Jessi shared she was surprised by the locals’ solid figures when she was in the U.S. and added, “I was too skinny. I want my thighs to be thicker rather than too thin, but I couldn’t gain weight, so I do a lot of lower body exercises,” she confessed.

Source: wikitree

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