The hashtag #BLACKPINKdisband suddenly entered top trending, Lisa went from being a “victim” to a scapegoat?

Everything turned upside down after just one night, what did YG do to BLACKPINK that caused fans to demand the group’s disband?

The hashtag #BLACKPINKdisband has suddenly entered the top trending from midnight until the morning of October 14. Many BLACKPINK fans are bewildered by this information. In particular, this hashtag was promoted by fans right after Lisa is officially confirmed to have an upcoming collaboration with DJ Snake through the MV teaser “SXY GIRL”.

The hashtag #BLACKPINKdisband over 10 thousands of tweets, reaching the top trending
Fans started trending the hashtag after the teaser video for the collaboration between DJ Snake, Lisa, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion was uploaded 

The reason can be found in the tweets under this negative hashtag. As it turned out, Lisa has quickly gone from a “victim” of YG’s management to being the reason why BLACKPINK fans continue to demand justice for other members. Lisa’s latest solo activity makes fans of other members of the group feel that their bias is being treated less fairly.

Rosé’s fans used the same sample text to ask YG to treat Rosé fairly: “We are demanding YG to let ROSÉ accept her OST and collab offers and do her job as a musician. If you can freely let others collab then allow ROSÉ too! She deserves it too!!”.

Many posts have the same content asking YG to treat Rosé fairly, with the hashtags BLACKPINKdisband and FreeRosé.
After Lisa, it was the turn of Rosé’s fans to ask YG to let the female idol do her work

Many Kpop fans want to work in entertainment companies, but they should think twice because working for YG is never easy! Even though BLACKPINK has only 4 members, because the girls are so outstanding, they have a large individual fandom. Therefore, individual fans and akgaes of the girls are also sometimes toxic. Because these fans believe that their idols are being treated unfairly, incidents like today occur frequently. 

Although the group only has four members, it has never been more difficult to treat them fairly.
YG: I really want to but I can’t….

Source: K14

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