Between Kim Yuna and BLACKPINK Jisoo, who is the true “human Dior”?

The nation’s treasure Kim Yuna and BLACKPINK member Jisoo are both considered the human embodiment of luxury brand Dior.

BLACKPINK Jisoo is the global ambassador of luxury brand Dior. After being first selected as Dior’s local ambassador in 2020, she was reborn as a global ambassador in 2021.

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When Jisoo appeared on the campaign for Dior’s 2021 S/S collection, she attracted a huge crowd at the Paris Fashion Week. Outfits from the F/W collection of the same year worn by Jisoo also went viral and made constant headlines.

Not only that, Dior’s CEO Pietro Beccari said to Jisoo that should YG fire her, he will immediately take her away. 


In addition, when the daughter of Dior director Marida Sperandeo met Jisoo last May, she was so moved that she cried until her face turned red, becoming a hot topic.

These are numerous anecdotes that show how much Dior loves Jisoo and how great the female idol’s status is. Thanks to this, Jisoo earns the nickname “Human Dior’”.

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However, there is another person called “Human Dior”, and it is none other than figure skating  queen Kim Yuna. The relationship between Kim Yuna and Dior actually dates back to 2013, when she was an active athlete.

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In particular, Yuna visited Canada to compete in the World Figure Skating Championships at the time. There, she applied Dior’s “Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm”, which inadvertently became a hot topic. Immediately after, an average of 1,000 units for the lip balm were sold every day, as Korea all wants to share a moment with their national treasure. 


With this in mind, Kim Yuna Kim has been appearing on Dior’s fashion and beauty pictorials and attending brand events. She is currently serving as an ambassador alongside Jisoo, and Dior delivered a special gift to Kim Yuna earlier this year.

This special gift is a limited edition cosmetics gift set released by Dior. In addition, the cushion that Kim Yuna received is engraved with “YUNA” instead of boasting the existing design. It seems that this is a product specifically made for the former figure skater. 

kim yuna

In addition, Kim Yuna recently made headlines by gifting Dior beauty products worth 200,000 won to guests that attended her wedding with Forestella member Go Woo Rim earlier this year. It is known that the gifts were not sponsored, but purchased by the female celebrity herself, in mind of her guests.

kim yuna dior

Both Korean, yet Kim Yuna and BLACKPINK Jisoo are active as ambassadors of a global luxury brand that boasts a world-class reputation, drawing admiration from the public and fans alike. 

Source: Daum

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