Kang Daniel sparks controversy for mispronouncing MONSTA X on Street Dance Girls Fighter

Even after the show ended, a member of MONSTA X spoke up about this himself. 

After episode 5 of “Street Dance Girls Fighter” (the teen version of “Street Woman Fighter“) aired on December 28, a controversy erupted over a mistake of host Kang Daniel. In the latest mission, every two dance crews go head to head when choreographing a b-side track by K-pop groups. When it is the turn of Break Ambition (HolyBang team) and NEWNION (WAYB team), they pick MONSTA X‘s “Autobahn“. But the viewers’ attention is drawn to Kang Daniel at this moment. 

When MONSTA X’s name appeared on the big screen, Kang Daniel pronounced the group name as “MONSTER X”. The mispronunciation only happened once (Kang Daniel later pronounced MONSTA X correctly). However, on social media, Korean and international netizens have divided reactions to this mistake of the male idol. 

Many MONSTA X fans took to Twitter to express their sadness and disappointment when their idol’s name was mispronounced on a TV show.  In fact, this is a very sensitive topic for both fans and members because since its debut until now, the name of MONSTA X has been misspelled many times (even in big events), forcing fans to constantly explain.  Some Korean netizens even criticized Kang Daniel’s carelessness as the MC of a TV show, especially considering that MONSTA X is still his senior.

Kang Daniel mispronouncing MONSTA X
Text on the banner: Give the medal to MONSTA X.  Not TER but TA TA TA TA TA!

Most notably, right after the show ended, MONSTA X Jooheon also spoke about this issue on the fancafe: “Monbebe, did you see Changkyun-ie’s ‘Autobahn’ (IM) appear on “Street Dance Girls Fighter”? ㅎㅎ I’ll give you lots of support~ Let’s all do our best!! But by the way, it’s not “TER” but “TA” ㅎㅎ”.

Kang Daniel mispronouncing MONSTA X

However, there are also many people who defended Kang Daniel in this controversial situation with the argument that he was only a little confused (as evidenced by the fact that the male idol has correctly read MONSTA X’s name in the following times).  Some netizens even used the reason that they thought MONSTER X was the right name to protect Kang Daniel against harsh criticism aimed at him.

  • “Wow…So far, I thought the group’s name was MONTER X”
  • “I’m a fan of Kang Daniel and I would like to confirm the mispronunciation only happened once. His pronunciation is not very clear that’s why the audience hears it as TER (it’s not even TEL as many people have said). He then pronounced TA very clearly”
  • “During the past 6 years, there have been non-fans who thought the group’s name was MONSTER X, so this is a very sensitive issue for both members and fans of the group. That’s why fans feel sad when hearing a junior idol call MONSTER X instead of MONSTA X”. 
  • “No but it was clearly written on the big screen that it was MONSTA X, but he still call the group as MONSTER…If the script is wrong that lead the MC get confused, shouldn’t the host have to do some research before hosting the show..ㅠㅠ”
  • “MONSTA X isn’t a rookie that just debuted a few days ago, they’ve already been in the industry for 7 years”
  • “Monbebe didn’t attack Kang Daniel ㅋㅋ Just check it out on Twitter, we’re just expressing our sadness and yet people are still telling us not to make a fuss? MONSTA X will soon enter the 8th year of their career, so even when seeing a junior idol misspelled our idol’ name, we still have to smile and say thank you to Daniel ,right?”
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