This “cutest K-drama child actress” has now become a top beauty 

Once famous for her adorable heart poses, this child actress has blossomed into a top visual

Jung Da Bin, who was born in the year 2000, started her acting career when she was just 5 years old. In the 2005 K-drama “Wonderful Life”, she played the daughter of idol-actress Eugene, and earned massive love for her cute chubby cheeks, double buns, and the legendary heart pose. At the time, people referred to Jung Da Bin using all sorts of flowery words like “mini angel” and “the cutest K-drama child actress”.

Following her extremely successful debut, Jung Da Bin’s later career goes super smoothly, as she continues to star in huge projects, such as “I Really Really Like You”, “Iljimae”, “Life Is Beautiful”, “She Was Pretty”, and more. In 2008 alone, the actress made 4 appearances on the Korean screen, and was even nicknamed “the nation’s daughter”, as pregnant ladies wished for their daughter to look as cute as Da Bin.

From 2016, however, Jung Da Bin toned down on her projects, and started to be known for a more matured image. She has recently starred in series like “What’s Up With These Kids!?”, “Extracurricular”, and “Live On”, and received critical acclaim for her portrayals. 

Now 22 years old, Jung Da Bin is more focused on enjoying her personal life. On her SNS, the actress often publishes photos of her daily life, drawing attention with her gorgeous visuals and eyes just as expressive as in her childhood. Fans also hope that Jung Da Bin will become more active in the future, and take up more opportunities on the Korean screen. 

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