There’s no opposite-sex friendship? Here are Korean male and female stars who are best friends 

Below are several representative best friend couples in Korean showbiz.

Does friendship exist between people of opposite sexes?” – This topic recently draws attention and causes controversies among netizens. Some people argue that men and women can never be friends. However, many others believe that there is opposite-sex friendship, pointing out several celebrities who overcome the barrier of their genders and have been friends for a long time. 

Uhm Jung Hwa & Jung Jae Hyung, “We are destiny”

Uhm Jung-hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa and Jung Jae Hyung met each other for the first time in 1996 and have been friends for 27 years. Through a video on her Youtube channel, Uhm Jung Hwa recently revealed how she got close to Jung Jae Hyung in the first place. She shared, “We met and immediately became best friends. I really like Jae Hyung”, adding “We quickly became close after sharing ideas and concerns about music, life, and each other’s projects. I think our relationship is like a destiny”. Calling Jung Jae Hyung her “best friend”, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “There are many times when I think ‘I wouldn’t have experienced new things if I hadn’t met Jae Hyung’”. In particular, the two often show off their extraordinary friendship by revealing moments of their surfing trip through Youtube videos and making lovely confessions to each other on SNS like family members. 

Kim Young Chul & Song Eun Yi even became a fake married couple

Kim Young-chul

Kim Yong Chul and Song Eun Yi are well-known as best friends in the comedian world. The two have been together for more than 20 years. In particular, they appeared on JTBC’s 2017 program “With You 2” and acted as a fake couple. On MBC’s “I Live Alone”, they shared various life stories and confessed, “I’ll think about marrying you if I’m still alone after 10 more years”.

Especially on “With You”, Kim Young Chul said, “There are times when I am confused by my feelings for Song Eun Yi. I thought she would never make my heart flutter, but I think I’ve changed my mind”, making viewers raised suspicions. However, after the program ended, Song Eun Yi said, “I and Kim Young Chul are still good friends. We’ve gotten closer”, showing off their strong friendship.

Song Min Ho and Jo Hyun Ah, “We never make mistakes even when we’re drunk”

Song Min-ho Cho Hyun-ah

Many people envy the ‘best friend’ chemistry between Winner Song Min Ho and Urban Zakapa Jo Hyun Ah because the two look so comfortable with each other despite their age gap of 4 years. Song Min Ho recently guested on Jo Hyun Ah’s Youtube video and revealed that they’ve been friends since his debut days. Song Min Ho then confessed, “Some people say friendship cannot exist between a man and a woman. The barrier between a man and a woman may break when you’re drunk, your central nerves get paralyzed, and you are not conscious of your judgment. But it never happens to us”. Jo Hyun Ah emphasized, “We never make such mistakes”

In addition, Song Min Ho said of Jo Hyun Ah, “She is one of the top three craziest people I have ever met” and “The first person I can rely on is Jo Hyun Ah”. He also described the singer-songwriter as the first to come to his mind amid difficulties, and expressed a deep trust and touching feelings between them.

Kim Ye Ryeong and Son Byung Ho, even wife acknowledged this 20-year friendship

After playing a married couple 20 years ago, actress Kim Ye Ryeong and actor Son Byung Ho became best friends.

Kim Ye-ryeong

The two’s long-standing friendship was also shown through a 2021 episode of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Wife”, where Son Byung Ho visited Kim Ye Ryeong’s house. Here, Kim Ye Ryeong introduced Son Byung Ho to her daughter and son-in-law.

In addition, Son Byung Ho’s wife is also aware of his deep friendship with Kim Ye Ryeong, which is maintained even after marriage. Kim Ye Ryeong also called Son Byung Ho’s wife her “older sister”, confirming that she knows how close they are.

Jo Kwon, “Sunye gave birth to me”

Jo Kwon-Sunye

Jo Kwon and Sunye are famous best friends in the idol world. The two first met in 2001 through a project to nurture gifted children and have maintained a close relationship for more than half of their lives, from age 13 to 35. They later became active idols under JYP Entertainment, and even released a duet song last year, showing off their best friend chemistry.

Also, on a recently aired broadcast of KBS2’s “Immortal Song”, Jo Kwon joked about Sunye, saying, “Sunye gave birth to me.” He also added, “That was before my debut. At the time, Sunye was a queen in my eyes. I was greatly influenced by Sunye when I was young. She was like an older sister and like a mother. This friend’s life seems to be a solid existence that cannot be broken.”

In addition, Sunye also conveyed her affectionate feelings towards Jo Kwon. “Jo Kwon is like a tree. I always need him, and when I meet him, he is lively, humorous, and comfortable”, she said, adding, “After all, haven’t we been friends for 22 years?”

Source: Daum

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