“Their faces look different”, Netizens disappointed with the quality of LE SSERAFIM’s latest teaser 

Is it because of the makeup or the camera angle? 

On April 14th, LE SSERAFIM dropped another teaser titled “We’re LE SSERAFIM” ahead of the group’s official debut in May. Contrary to positive reactions to previous teasers thanks to LE SSERAFIM’s outstanding beauty, netizens expressed disappointment at the latest video. The video is said to “expose” the members’ raw visuals, making them look different from the pictures that were retouched. 

‘We’re LE SSERAFIM’ Teaser 

LE SSERAFIM’s leader Chaewon appeared in the video looking slightly different from her individual teaser images. 

Sakura is a victim of the weird camera angle. The puffy under-eye bags makeup also makes her look older and tired. 


Pulling all her hair back doesn’t seem to suit the controversial member Garam. The same as Sakura, although Garam is only 17, the makeup that focuses on her eye bags only makes her look sleepy and much older than her actual age. 

Maknae Eunchae is said to look just as pretty and youthful as her teaser images. 


In the video, Yunjin still exudes the same alluring charm. Her face reminds netizens of Western girls. 


The second Japanese member, Kazuha, receives the most praise for her luxurious visuals and aura. Many netizens think she should be the face of the group. 


As soon as this teaser was released, it received mixed reactions from netizens:

  • Sakura looks totally different from the pictures. Chaewon looks out of place. Other members are pretty but their aura is somewhat downgraded compared to the teasers that were previously posted. 
  • They look different from the pictures. They need to change their makeup. They look dull and their eyes look way too puffy. Yunjin and Sakura are not as pretty as their Produce 48 days. Kazuha is the only visual to me. 
  • This proves their teaser images were indeed excessively retouched 
  • The quality of the video is too bad. Did they shoot this with a phone? What’s with the angle? 
  • Except for Yunjin, I don’t recognize any of them. They look nothing like the pictures. Is it because of makeup? Or did they go overboard with editing the teaser images? 
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