The woman in her 50s in the Naksan Port crash is celebrity A, reportedly has “ribs fracture and serious injuries”

Amid news on Dec 23rd that a woman in her 50s fell down the breakwater of Naksan Port in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, it was belatedly revealed that the woman was a mid-sized celebrity A. 

The woman in her 50s in the Naksan Port crash is celebrity A

According to celeb B, who accompanied A at the time, A was swept away by a sudden wave while walking on the breakwater at Naksan Port in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, at 10:45 a.m. on Dec 23rd and crashed into the sea four to five meters below.

Fortunately, A was holding out in the cracks of the rock despite the waves, while B took the risk and jumped under the breakwater, carried A on their back to the coast, about 200 meters away, and handed A over to the Coast Guard.

The dispatched Coast Guard moved A to the land and transferred A to a nearby hospital, before being transferred to Seoul for treatment. A suffered a major injury in which her ribs were fractured and her lungs were damaged by the broken ribs, but it was reported that the injuries were not fatal.

The incident was also reported in the news that a woman in her 50s was rescued by the Coast Guard rescue team and suffered several bruises after falling off the breakwater.

The woman in her 50s in the Naksan Port crash is celebrity A

Regarding this, B said, “It was an accident in which a person was swept away through the poorly made iron railings by a sudden soaring rough wave and fell into the sea under the breakwater surrounded by rocks. There was no sign “no trespassing” sign as well. They reported this as if A had an accident due to her own carelessness.”

B sadly shared, “The accident’s nature was described as ‘falling into the sea due to a woman’s frivolous behavior’, which put stress on the patient at the hospital.”

A, a veteran actress in her 50s, appeared in a terrestrial drama that ended recently. After the end of the filming, she visited Yangyang with her colleagues for a meeting with a movie official and got met with such an accident. B is an actor and former boxer who has appeared in several dramas and is also serving as a boxing referee.

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