The victim of Kris Wu told the process of being tricked onto his bed

Du Meidzu confirmed that she had drunk a lot with Kris Wu and he brought  into the room when she was unconcious, not that she actively wanted to have sex with him.

Du Meidzu – the female lead in the scandal who put Kris Wu’s career to an end  has just spoken after the conclusion of the scandal from the police. The 19-year-old girl posted an article recounting the process of having a relationship with the male singer and wishing the matter to end soon.

Du Meidzu confirmed to be deceived by Kris Wu.

She said that Kris Wu’s representative at that time used the excuse to discuss choosing the female lead for his new MV to meet her privately. This person said that it was a meeting between two people who went out to talk. At that time, Du Meidzu had just finished the university entrance exam, around 7/2020. Because Kris Wu’s representative is a woman, she did not take precautions and agreed to go to the appointment. When she arrived, she found out that this was Kris Wu’s house. There were many people at the party including men and these people were constantly forcing her to drink. Du Meidzu said that she couldn’t drink but was forced to drink until she vomited and got drunk without knowing anything.

It was the representative who brought her into Kris Wu’s bedroom. Du Meidzu asserted that she was not the one who had a motive and an intention to spend the night with the male singer. After having a relationship, Kris Wu said that he will take responsibility so she believes this is a serious love. Du Meidzu said that she stayed at Kris Wu’s house and he paid for all the items in her online shopping cart as a birthday gift. The two continued to keep in touch for a few months, when Kris Wu suddenly became cold and left her. At this time, Du Meidzu saw rumors that he was dating many other girls, a friend of the hot girl said that the male singer was promiscuous and was also flirting with other friends.

The victim of Kris Wu told the process of being tricked onto his bed
Kris Wu’s career has come to an end after the scandal.

Regarding the issue of money compensation, Du Meidzu asserted that she did not cheat to ask for money. Kris Wu had transferred money without her consent and she will transfer the remaining amount to the police.

Du Meidzu’s confession received the sympathy of netizens. Many opinions believe that she has bravely stood up for many others to unmask Kris Wu, denouncing his bad behavior that caused him to suffer the consequences he deserved.

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