Lee Hyo-ri recently flew to Canada without her husband Lee Sang-soon due to an unexpected reason

Singer Lee Hyo-ri, who had not appeared in public for a while, suddenly went to a foreign country to perform good deeds, drawing admiration from netizens.

On October 13th, news of an unexpected person was reported on the Instagram account of “TWU”, an organization for abandoned dog adoption. It was Lee Hyo-ri, a superstar and also an activist for animal rights.

lee hyo ri

According to the organization, Lee Hyo-ri willingly accompanied them to Vancouver, Canada to help move abandoned dogs to their adopters abroad.

Earlier, Lee Hyo-ri’s sister also released a new photo on her Instagram. The two seem to have gone to Canada together.

lee hyo ri

Accordingly, the dogs that Lee Hyo-ri helped with the transporting service have safely arrived at their new families. Netizens were very impressed by the warm heart of Lee Hyo-ri, who had been silent for a while.

Lee Hyo-ri, who introduced the adoption culture to Koreans as she adopted lots of abandoned dogs, has always taken the initiative in protecting animal rights for a long time. In response to this news, netizens expressed their admiration for her consistent moves in doing volunteer work to help abandoned dogs during her break.

lee hyo ri

The photos of Lee Hyo-ri released by TWU organization also drew keen attention. Fans gave explosive reactions as they felt so happy that Lee Hyo-ri, who surprised everyone with her unique wolf-cut hair earlier, has returned to her original image with long straight hair.

In some photos, she was seen wearing a cap and revealing her long hair that has grown to the bottom of her chest, giving off a gentle charm. 

lee hyo ri

In another picture, Lee Hyo-ri smiled softly while looking at an abandoned dog before delivering him to a new family. In particular, her appearance when taking care of an abandoned dog also shows her pure sincerity toward animals.

lee hyo ri

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri is known to be taking a rest after appearing on MBC’s entertainment program “The Manager” in July. 

Source: wikitree

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