Bang Si-hyuk donated 5 billion won to “Fruit of Love”… The huge amount of money sparked mixed reactions 

The 5-billion donation from Bang Si-hyuk might mean more than just for a social cause, according to the public. 

Bang Si-hyuk, the founder of HYBE, agency of idol group BTS, donated 5 billion won to the Community Chest of Korea. He explained that the donation came from a pure purpose to help teenagers outside of school. However, the action may connect to BTS based on its timing. 

bang si hyuk
Chairman Bang Si-hyuk of HYBE. Image: News1

Chairman Bang attended the signing ceremony for the Korean donor customized fund held at the Fruit of Love Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 13th. Chairman Bang donated 5 billion won and joined the fund.

Chairman Bang’s donation was to raise the fund for out-of-school teenagers and the necessary facilities to ensure their protection. The fund is enable teenagers to enjoy learning opportunities without discrimination.

bang shi hyuk
Image: Community Chest of Korea (Fruit of Love)

At the joining ceremony, Chairman Bang said, “I learn that the help I receive from society is a big part of growing as a human being. I decided to donate with the thought of giving back to society even a little”.

He added, “I hope that teenagers in desperate need of help will be able to dream and move forward with confidence. I hope that they will grow up and contribute to their society.”

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Image: BTS Official Twitter 

Nonetheless, some people doubted his surface intention. Based on the timing, the public suspected that the work was carried out to create favorable public opinion for the exemption of BTS’s military service.

BTS Jin (Kim Seok-jin), the oldest of BTS and turning 30 next year, has his military service postponed until the end of the year and will be notified of enlistment in earlier next year.

bts jin

Currently, several amendments to the Military Service Act are pending in the National Assembly to grant special military service exemptions to popular artists such as BTS.

Against many suspicions, netizens responded with various reactions such as “That’s a lot for the amount of donations in the entertainment industry”, “It’s huge”, “Let’s praise him for doing a good job”, and “It’s different from the military”. 

Source: wikitree

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