Idols who refuse a normal fashion style

Idol’s fashion is always the talk of the town. They show fashion sense on the way to work, at the airport, etc. Here’s the fashion of idols who refuse to be normal.

Let’s take a look through pictures of idols who are into abnormal fashion instead if boring normal fashion look.

“Frog Fashion” (SHINee Key)

“Every piece is giant”

“Shocky Stage Clothes” (TWICE Momo)

“Sexiness will burst”

“Harness on the back” (Monsta X Wonho)


“The essence of jean-on-jean Fashion” (Hwasa

“I hate being boring”

“The Original Fashion Leader” (CL)

“Normal, No”

“Fashion to embrace your body” (Hyomin)

“Reverse Back”

“Seems Normal” (Chungha)

“But actually not”

Source: Dispatch

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